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Nilesh Kantak the owner of this website.

Since 1989 working as a Computer Software Consultant, Developer, Programming. Started Website Hosting, Development from 1999. Currently developing mobile applications with JS, Java, HTML5, PHP etc. Love to develop most of my clients website using wordpress CMS.

Basically, I love to code. Started coding in C, Turbo C, Run C, C++ then Clipper, Fortran etc. Love to use Oracle, SQL RDBMS, dBase, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, Currently learning Java for coding.

Data Scientist (Since 2020).

Python programming for ::                                              Web DevelopmentDjango                                             GUI DevelopmenttkInter                                  Software DevelopmentBuildbotTrac

Nilesh Kantak, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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